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Ethan Bondick – The Legend Trilogy

Ethan Bondick recently discovered Marie Lu’s Legend Trilogy, which joins his list of favorites.

Three books by Marie Lu, titled Legend, Prodigy, and Champion, together comprise the young-adult, dystopian fantasy series known as the Legend Trilogy. The trilogy has become a New York Times bestseller and attracts a varied readership. It takes place on our world in the future, when a nation called simply the Republic takes the place of the western United States.

In Legend, the first book of the series, 15-year-old prodigy June sets out in pursuit of the infamous criminal who killed her older brother. However, this criminal, another 15-year-old named Day, knows many secrets that challenge June’s understanding of the Republic. At the same time, June finds herself falling in love with him. The rest of the series chronicles the result of their apparently random meeting and their efforts to protect themselves and their country.