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Gaining Ground – Making a Difference in Massachusetts

Gaining Ground employs a unique model that depends on volunteers from the community to execute the majority of the work at the farm needed to produce nutritious food items. The farm then offers this food to a variety of organizations during the harvest season. The majority of the food is consumed within 24 hours of harvest due to the localized and direct mission of the organization.

The work at Gaining Ground makes a tremendous difference in the lives of countless families and individuals in need. Some of these individuals in need receive whole ingredients from food banks while others go to shelters and soup kitchens for meals prepared with the produce. Gaining Ground also impacts the volunteers, who learn more about where their food comes from and the work that goes into growing produce. Volunteers include children as young as eight years old up to people in their 80s who want to get a breath of fresh air, help the community, and learn about farming.

Ethan Bondick has had the opportunity to work at GG through his school.